When not to self-install?  Well, there is a reason One Fat Frog asks our clients use experienced licensed installers… there are several reason and here are just a handful of stories supporting professional install:

  • client comes in with photos of charbroiler flames sky high.  Seems they self-installed gas, don’t understand they need a regulator or how to adjust anything.  Client uses pliers to crimp a pipe smaller.  NO NO NO.  HUGE safety issue!  There is no circumventing a professional installer on gas.  Do you want to blow up?
  • Client shoves a 115v plug into 208/220v.  Burns compressor and other parts of a new refrigerated prep table.  This is not covered by manufacturer warranty!
  • Client tries to put together walk in- yelling you did not sell us a roof panel.  They had it installed as a floor.  They purchased a unit without floor and were putting it in their restaurant.

While we endeavor to make restaurant equipment processes easy, there are some things you cannot do yourself and you should NOT be cutting corners in these places!