In conversation this letter came up.  It appears the office DJ included Celine Dion in the play list again.  Again!  No more!

A team member was threatened with their life if they requested it again (kinda maybe true) and the letter was dictated:

Dear Office Mates,

I’m sorry for doing this to you all.  I promise the next team member will have far better taste in music.

I couldn’t resist Celine.  There’s something pretty epic about the theme song for Titanic.


Mr. No Longer Allowed to Request Music from the Office DJ



On a side note did I ever tell you about the epic interview we had to the backdrop of Celine Dion’s Titanic?  Can you imagine you’re interviewing for a warehouse worker position to the musical backdrop of such finality?  There’s nothing in life that can quite prepare someone for this.  It was an epic moment… that’s.for.sure