providing mobile solutions for the medical industry

General Information

With our over 300,000 ft2 manufacturing plant, we are able to handle large production contracts in record time. Our manufacturing process allows for maximum efficiency and fulfillment speed without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

Our experience gives a unique advantage to build mobile units that are easy to operate, can function in hot or cold climates, & can be driven on highways or unimproved roads.

As the medical industry goes mobile, we offer fast and affordable solutions for mobile testing labs.

Mobile Health Clinics are an innovative model of healthcare delivery that could help alleviate health disparities in vulnerable populations and individuals with chronic diseases.

To ease the burden of overworked and crowded medical facilities, we offer mobile solutions to an array of potential emergencies.

    For 15 years we have proven to be a trusted name and industry pioneer in the mobile manufacturing space. We specialize in numerous different vehicle configurations:

    • Mobile Medical Units
    • Disaster Relief Truck
    • Emergency Management Units
    • Risk Management Trailer
    • Triage Units
    • Mobile Medical Lab
    • Crisis Management
    • Emergency Food Preparation
    • Mobile Walk In Clinic
    • Medical Clinic on Wheels
    • Mass Food Distribution Unit
    • Climate Controlled Medical Unit
    • Emergency Response Unit
    • Mobile Field Kitchen
    • Disaster Preparedness Unit
    • Mobile Testing Lab
    • Mobile Mortuary

    Mobile Pharmacy Vehicles




    Our custom mobile pharmacies are capable of having clean rooms as well as normal pharmaceutical and retail distribution capabilities.

    Being mobile allows for this system to serve different locations where there is a requirement for immediate setup and operation. Our customized pharmacies can be designed for both hospital and retail customers.

    Interested in Financing?

    It’s easier than ever to get up and running in your very own food truck or trailer for a fraction of the price of opening your own brick and mortar restaurant.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm new to food trucks and trailers, how do I get started?

    The best place to start the process is in our showroom discussing your dream with one of our sales associates. They can help you map out a path for what type of trailer will best fit your needs.

    How much does a food truck or trailer cost?
    Costs can vary depending on vehicle size, equipment, and special features. Keep in mind we DO NOT provide you with a generator. We can help you pick out the correct generator for your mobile kitchen and we help mount it. A typical food trailer costs between $20-75K with food trucks starting at $50K. Speak to a sales representative for more accurate pricing.
    Am I able to finance my food truck or trailer?

    Financing is available through third party lenders. We work with most credit scores and will help you get approved in as little as 3 business days. Learn more

    How long will it take for my food truck or trailer to be built?

    It’s our goal to get you up and running as soon as possible. Manufacturing times vary depending on a lot of factors. While your trailer is in production, we help make sure you have all your permits and licensing ready so that when the trailer arrives you’re ready for inspection and you’re cookin! A sales associate will work with you on a specific timeline.

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