As I approach middle age or gracefully slide down the backend of middle age (depends if I’m wearing my glasses or not), a sense of family becomes more important to me.  The ideal of the neighborhood bar becomes appealing.  Going to the busy sports bar with young gals in short skirts isn’t my greatest idea of a way to spend a Friday night.  Add to that I’m in an appealing demographic where kids are older, spendable income higher and budget for eating and drinking may be higher.

So, here’s my startup business of the day:  Take either name, you only owe me a free beer and tag me on a photo by your sign, what do you think about either “Grandma’s Girdles” or “Brews and Bras”  … or “Brews and Broads”…

Imagine the possibilities!  Let’s start with beer- call it basic Cheers bar of Domestic beer or go Craft- licious.  (Did you see that box of New Belgium Fat Tire a client brought in for me?)  There you go with the first part of your theme “Brews.”

Now let’s look at the second part of the name:  Bras, Broads or Girdles.  Each insinuates a bit of a different view of that neighborhood pub.  Using “Bras” in part of your name and logo could go in different locations dependent on the type of bra you picture.  Using “Girdle” may suggest a different type of bra and clientele.  Now using “Broads” in an upscale neighborhood may just connotate a Mobster chic speakeasy.