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After 15 years, we are the only manufacturer that was born in the kitchen and has 300,000 sq ft of space ready to build your next fleet of professional food trucks and trailers.

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What makes us different?

With our 300,000 sq ft manufacturing plant, we handle large production contracts in record time.

In any industry, time is money. Our manufacturing process allows for maximum efficiency and fulfillment speed without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.


From build planning to final graphic installation, we’re equipped to handle every step of the production process; all overseen by your dedicated contract management team.


Our industry-leading manufacturing facilities gives us the unique ability to handle large production contracts in record time without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.


Humble beginnings in restaurant equipment has given us decades of experience laying out kitchens for the industry’s finest chefs, giving us the knowledge to layout your trailers to be well-oiled machines.

Ghost Kitchen

Ghost Kitchen Solutions

There’s no question that take-out & delivery are growing faster and faster in the restaurant industry and most brands are struggling to adapt to the changing landscape from solely brick & mortar to a more diverse model of traditional and mobile systems.

One Fat Frog offers custom solutions that allows restaurants and franchises to create off-premise revenue streams via custom food trailer ghost kitchens. Our process maximizes efficiency and effectiveness guaranteeing that you will pass any inspection and be up and running in record time.

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From Our President

manufacturing for the future of food trucks

“One Fat Frog is in the perfect position to handle large scale fleet orders once considered impossible. Our proven manufacturing methods are easily expandable to handle multi simultaneous production lines. We are gearing up for the future of the food service industry and are proud to be at the forefront of the mobile kitchen wave that is transforming our industry.”

– Connie Baugher

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