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We’re a food truck manufacturer that was born in the kitchen and has a deep passion for helping others build their own business through the power of food on the move.

Our 15 years of experience building kitchens for some of the industry’s top chefs has allowed us to transfer that knowledge to a mobile format and create a line of food trucks & trailers that is perfectly suited for you no matter where you are in your business journey.


Perfect for everyone looking to make the dream of owning their own business a reality.

From build planning to designing kitchen layouts and installation, we will help you create the best mobile kitchen to fit your needs and get your food service business off the ground.


Pro Kitchen

Ideal for the experienced chef looking to enhance their restaurant or upgrade their existing mobile kitchen business.

Built out with industry-leading, pro-level equipment, we can setup your professional food truck or trailer that will be able to handle high-volume production with our focus on quality.


Fleet Production

Great solution for high volume franchise or restaurant brands that need a fleet of top of the line food trucks or trailers.

Our 300,000 sq ft. manufacturing plant is built to handle large contract build outs in record time making us the largest food truck and trailer manufacturer in the nation and the perfect partner to expand your growing business.


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It’s easier than ever to start your own business in the food truck and trailer business. We would love to help you get started and help you every step of the way. Call today or request a quote online!

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I had a gorgeous ice cream trailer designed and built by the folks at One Fat Frog and let me tell you, I was completely satisfied with the result. Once my business inevitability takes off, i will be back for another one.

Claudia S.

This place made my dream come true! Excellent service from A to Z and highly recommended!!! If you are searching for a place where to build your food truck or trailer one fat frog is the right place!

Hicham T.

Great service, great people, and they have great opportunity for people who wants to open they new restaurant business, Thank you very so much!

Rosa A.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to food trucks and trailers, how do I get started?

The best place to start the process is in our showroom discussing your dream with one of our sales associates. They can help you map out a path for what type of trailer will best fit your needs.

How much does a food truck or trailer cost?
Costs can vary depending on vehicle size, equipment, and special features. Keep in mind we DO NOT provide you with a generator. We can help you pick out the correct generator for your mobile kitchen and we help mount it. A typical food trailer costs between $20-75K with food trucks starting at $50K. Speak to a sales representative for more accurate pricing.
Am I able to finance my food truck or trailer?

Financing is available through third party lenders. We work with most credit scores and will help you get approved in as little as 3 business days. Learn more

How long will it take for my food truck or trailer to be built?

It’s our goal to get you up and running as soon as possible. Manufacturing times vary depending on a lot of factors. While your trailer is in production, we help make sure you have all your permits and licensing ready so that when the trailer arrives you’re ready for inspection and you’re cookin! A sales associate will work with you on a specific timeline.

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