Thinking of opening a Bar & Grill Concept?  This beer/ wine concept can be open in a small venue (depending on your local alcohol/ zoning/ etc)   Here’s a brief overview of the equipment list we came up with:


  •  Kegerator
  •  Bar Back or bottle cooler
  •  ice machine, ice bin
  • 3 compartment bar sink
  • bar handwash sink


  • under the hood:  fryer, flat grill, chargrill, 4 or 6 burner range with oven, equipment stands, quick gas disconnects
  • HOOD!
  • refrigerated make table
  • stainless steel table
  • 3 compartment sinks
  • handwash sink

Front of the House

  •  pub tables
  •  bar stools
  •  common table
  •  chairs

Not counting the hood or install, this concept can be built on a shoestring with bare equipment costs under $10,000 if you’re spec-ing in used equipment and going with a bare bones concept.

If you would prefer to look at a Bar & Grill concept without a hood, please stop in our Florida location and speak with Management about the various ways to put together a concept without a hood!