Faith in humanity restored!  Yup, at the Frog we’re pretty excited and proud that one of the Frog kids is off to boot camp in South Carolina for the Marines.   We even posted it on social media and one of our darling friends said their son just graduated and will be a boot camp instructor in California and where was our little Frog darling going?

Well, it’s not quite California but we’re very excited and certainly had our faith in humanity restored that people are willing to step up and give a helping hand.  If

A few Frog momma’s here praying for his safety.  Just a few… Hold our hand and sit together for a minute.

Last night mom got the official call that he arrived.  It was a very scripted call and began the process of building this boy into a man.  Next time she can see him will be in January and in 79 days she’ll have a mailing address for him.  Son, the USMC owns you now!

If you get a chance to see the USMC official facebook site for Parris Island please do.