Are you freaking out over what to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? No worries, Ms. Frog is here to guide the clueless minds of the male species when it comes to gift giving. The suggestions included are your staple things to do for your significant other but some NSFW things will be omitted….I think you can take care of those.

Chocolate: Girls love chocolate, enough said.

Get your girl a good meal: I prefer flies and mosquitoes but human girls would love a nice steak dinner. And don’t be cheap; get your lady a dessert as well. She’ll thank you later (wink wink).

Go to a movie: I like to watch Princess and the Frog on repeat 12 times a day but your lady might be interested in getting her Christian Grey on in 50 Shades of Grey. (Is it getting hot in here?)

Flowers: No, not the half dead flowers you pick from the bush on the side of your house, get the misses a dozen of her favorite flowers, be it roses or tulips.

A Thoughtful Card: Homemade cards are uber cute and will make your girlfriend feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Love: Do EVERYTHING with sincerity and love-i-ness (not a word but it’s ok), your girlfriend will appreciate it and love you long time!