Funny Office Stories

We here at One Fat Frog LOVE practical jokes and funny stories almost as much as we love restaurant equipment. And we seriously love restaurant equipment – Shelia, anyone? It’s part of what makes us a family. And when you guys can be included in those jokes, you are a part of our family, too! So I thought I would take a minute to share the funny stories that have taken place in our office over the years.

Most recently was my man in the salmon shirt. 
I wrote about him twice because he made me so happy.
Then there was the time I stole the best chair in the Frog office…
And then I found out I wasn’t the first to pull this prank
The day someone hid all the staplers…
The day I slashed Mr. Michigan’s tires
The day all frogs wore blue – except for one
The day of the Riccing competition on and in restaurant equipment
The time we gave that guy free advertising by mistake, and who could forget
The time one of our frogs stole all the extension cords
Or how about when one of our favorite clients gave our boy a nickname?
And we gave our clients nicknames, too (in good favor of course!)

We love having fun around here. One day soon I will make a list that includes all of our dress up days! THOSE are some interesting days here at One Fat Frog…in fact, I wonder what our next day will be. You should swing by and give us some ideas!

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