If you’ve been in the food and beverage business for any amount of time you know there is significant savings if purchasing items before year end.  Come January most of our new manufacturer’s will increase prices.

On a daily basis we’re getting email blasts from manufacturer’s about upcoming price increases.  The other email that is coming in is how factories are closed for holidays.  A little know fact about our industry is that many manufacturer’s and distributors close for the holidays.  Good luck getting the right person on the phone during the next two weeks.

2014 will end soon and with it comes price increases of a lot of new equipment, so if you’re thinking of opening in 2015 take advantage of our huge year end sale (there is a set of NEW scratch and dent fridge and freezer 3 door that is priced below used, and they’ll come with new warranty, too!) and place your order for any new equipment at this time!