Today is tacky sweater day at One Fat Frog! We decided it would be a great idea to embrace this beautiful cold weather with tacky sweaters!

I was thinking about it, and I’ve decided that these crazy dress up days are some of my favorite days at One Fat Frog! The morale of the whole team increases and it’s just a joy to be at work.

I remember working at a Sonic in a small town near Ocala when I was in high school, and I always loved days where I got to dress up. One Halloween, I took a big box from one of the various pieces of restaurant equipment and pretended to be Spongebob. So much fun!

So what kind of things will you do in your restaurant to make sure that your employees are motivated and having fun? Do you even believe that having fun in your restaurant or commercial kitchen in necessary? Some places don’t believe that having fun on a company level is necessary. What do you think?