equipment list ice creamThere’s big profit in ice cream!  Ice Cream is one of those golden opportunities to upsell, upsell, and upsell more!

Let’s talk about the basic equipment in an ice cream shop:

  • Batch freezer (optional, but a good tool to make your own gelato, hard ice cream, sorbet or creams, you can buy these premade)

Then you need a way to serve:

  • Soft Serve Machine
  • Dipping cabinet or flip top freezer

Every facility will need:

  • a 3 compartment sink and a handwash sink.
  • stainless steel counter

Optional but pretty nifty items:

  • Ice cream cone waffle maker (optional, you can purchase premade cones at a cost)
  • blender (for smoothies and milkshakes)
  • Spindle mixer (for handmixing milkshakes)
  • display freezer (for ice cream cakes)
  • countertop convection oven (for making cookies- ice cream sandwiches)
  • soda fountain, topping line (for making sundaes, toppings like Dairy Queen, Menchies, Marble Slab)
  • cold plate (this is what they use at Marble Slab to mix the ice cream and toppings)

If you’re looking for a lucrative startup with minimal investment, ice cream parlors are a win- win in the right area.  Bear in mind your climate (ie- Florida is the prime market for ice cream year round but you will find some slow times) and your demographic- male, female, age, children?  and spending habits.  An ice cream parlor in a senior citizen heavy region will have different mixers than in an area of young children.  Now, if you’re in an area that caters to seniors do you have specials on the weekends or summers or spring break when the grandchildren come to visit?  Maybe there’s even a Cone and Stuffed Animal promo you will run… Buy xyz stuffed animal for $4.99 with any ice cream purchase.

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