OMGosh. You guys. I’m addicted! We’ve already talked about how I love Food Trucks. I might have talked about it twice. But I’ve reached a new low.

Last night, I was checking out the glass merchandisers at 7-Eleven, picking up a few waters, I turned around, and I heard angels singing. Seriously. It might have been the lady next to me getting a text message (and lady, if you read this, that is a pretty weird alert tone), but I took it as a sign. I had to buy….


Okay, I realize this probably seems weird that a 20-something year old woman would want to buy a Hot Wheel car. And I’m sure the guy behind the counter thought I was a nut, but who cares?!

How awesome is it that Hot Wheels has figured out that Food Trucks are a big part of the truck world?

And they even put a vendor inside!truck

I probably geeked out on this a little too hard, but I couldn’t help it. It instantly brought me back to all the cool things we’ve been doing with food trucks here at work!

Did you know that One Fat Frog does food truck build outs? Because we do; and they’re pretty awesome to watch. If you bring us a truck, we will literally go from the walls to the floor making your truck amazing. We make sure you are ready to roll out of here and get some business (at least, the best we can. You have to do some stuff yourself – permit to sell, etc.)

And heck, while you’re figuring out what kind of food truck you want, fill out the finance application! Because we have our own in house finance department!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a new toy go play with….