So before I talked about how you could mix science in with your baking, but what if you love to cook, but probably shouldn’t? Maybe you should pursue a career in food safety!

I hate science, but for those of you science frogs, here are some careers you can look into:

Food Safety Scientists – specialize in making sure bacteria that causes food borne illnesses are not present in a company’s products.  This means making sure there is no salmonellae, cholera, and campylobacter present.
Personally, this ooks me out, so I’m glad there are other people willing to do this job.

Food Chemists – these are the folks responsible for food replacements (think NutraSweet and Sweet N Low). They study the changes made through packaging, storage, and digestion, and create food substitutes that last longer and have fewer calories and fats.
This would be a cool gig for someone who wants to create food substitutes that are not full of chemicals!

Food Engineers – These are the folks in charge of making the machines that produce, harvest, and package foods at a much higher rate!
Your food engineers are the creative geniuses behind those machines that package your Cheerios at breakneck speed!

These are just a few careers to think about. I have more, but I heard someone mention lunch, and this frog can’t write on an empty stomach.

Oh, and let’s not forget that we touched on this before. Check out our last post about food scientists if you missed it!