We at One Fat Frog pride ourselves on supporting organizations which strive to make the world a better place. I was able to meet some really awesome and caring individuals from Pathways Drop In Center today. Pathways Drop In Center opens their doors and welcomes those struggling with mental illness. Many of these people are homeless and Pathways offers them a roof over their heads and food to eat.

One Fat Frog has been lucky enough to have a relationship with Pathways over the years. So, we asked them if we could donate small wares that might be useful to their organization. One of their team members, Menchie, was able to come out today and have a look around the warehouse and choose what she needed. 

Our boys out in the warehouse were able to able to learn about the organization while they helped Menchie and her partner load the items into their vehicle. Menchie shared with me that there are roughly 500 residents at Pathways at any given moment. This is such a great organization that recognizes mental illness in our community and takes proactive steps to help all those who need it.

Pathways Drop In Center is truly a heroic organization in our community and you can be a hero too by donating to Pathways. Visit their website at http://www.pathwaysdropin.org/ to read up about them and if possible, to donate. Every cent counts!

Here are some pictures from their visit today!

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