When you’re building out a food truck there are a number of challenges. The Frog doesn’t take challenges lightly. We grab the proverbial bull by the horns and say, onward, let’s go!

When you come in the office you’ll meet a team of driven individuals. We’re a team first and foremost who is driven to serving you and providing the best possible services to you. Over the years our program has grown slowly so we could manage growth.

The Frog started in equipment sales- used equipment and moved solidly into that as the need to quality control came to a head. We are a multi-million dollar company with sales internationally from our little odd 100,000 square feet facility (you’re more than welcome to visit 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32819). With one of the nation’s most extensive floored food service inventory, our sales floor is stainless and sexy! Okay, a lot more stainless than sexy because our clients feed us very, very well!

Over the years we’ve been quietly building out food trucks for clients, helping them as the need arose. What we keep hearing is that our prices are tens of thousands of dollars cheaper then what they’re getting quoted elsewhere. Now time is money and we’ve never been one to run you around for the lowest quote. In fact we’ll be the first to say we’re not a quote or bid-spec house. The Frog is selective in buildouts to offer the best price. This means no super fancy quote, but of course you’ll get a great invoice and personalized service. In fact we probably don’t have all the fancy shiny handouts and business cards that other folks have. We’re just too busy for it!

Yesterday a client pointed out a super fancy website that showed the company was the “largest” dealer and did high volume, yet there was no address to do a site visit…? what? At the Frog we expect you to come visit us. After all this will likely be one of your larger purchases in life, don’t you want to come shake our hands and meet us?

As friends of the Frog have challenged us to provide a discounted food truck buildout of high quality we’ve continued to refine our process. We’re students of the industry and combine our knowledge from other industries as well as our equipment knowledge and auto knowledge to build a good product.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is offering food trucks… we’ve never advertised it but it’s time you knew. Come on in- we’re worth the drive- I guarantee it!

(407) 480-3409